very very messy..

29 Mar
i just had a hard day today..

want to know why?
i had Internet-Based TOEFL test today..

and it’s very very messy..

How come I studied on Paper-Based materials so hard
if I would to accomplish on the opposite thing..?

and the funny thing,
there’s a note on the test-room’s wall that said

”  It is not the matter how hard you tried..

but how much you will get.. “

what a severe idea..:)

what a scary idea..:P

especially in the real world

haha..what a waste of money..hiks..
i must think something happy now..
like the question that was questioned to me
in Speaking Section :

" What was the enjoyable moment of your life? "

and I answered (with many many chaotic spelling) :

“..when I began to love everything about photography..

and so on so on..and so on..”

I think I should remember that moment from now on..


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