| Proclamation Monument |

19 Jun


wo wohnst du? -in Proklamasistraße.
wo liegt das?? -was?? u don’t know ha’?
memang negara ini diproklamirkan merdeka dimana?
Jakarta la’.
lebih tepatnya daerah mana?
memang proklamasi daerah mana tuh?
elit donk??
emank kalo ditanya daerah mana itu nanya kelurahan yak?


the situation

Conversation like that commonly experienced when I talk about where I live. Not exactly like that, but sort of like that. I’ve been living in Proklamasi neighbourhood since I was 3. I am now 24. Quite a long time. Maybe I wouldn’t know either about Proklamasi street or Proclamation Monument if I didn’t live there, maybe only heard it from my History Class on school-nothing more. And why can be that? In my opinion, maybe because that place isn’t as famous as, for example, National Monument (Monas), or Bunderan HI (with its Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and EX); despite the quite close distance between all of them.

Proclamation Monument (a.k.a Pola Building) is just located obviously in not-so-great neighbourhood at Menteng, Pegangsaan. Want to know why? Look at it, every afternoon it’s always used as a play ground and a futsal arena for “small” people around it. Actually, Proclamation Monument is surrounded by some of quite-slum neighbourhoods there, with the famous : Anyer clan (which almost always be involved in every gank-wars years ago). Quite nasty bad neighbourhood it was, no sh#t. I remember 11 years ago, it was Puasa period. One early morning I with my friend was on our bicycle-riding suddenly trapped on some gank-war right at side of Proclamation Monument, sweet. I was amazed how many drinking glasses and stones could easily flew and be thrown, then smashed the floor of carpark (maybe some hit some people’s head-I didn’t know).

the boyz

[ Captured at Monumen Proklamasi-Jalan Proklamasi-Kelurahan Pegangsaan-Kecamatan Menteng-JakPus ]


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