| Decomposer versus Detritivore |

20 Oct

What’s it means in our “world”, especially in designer-slash-architect’s “world”?

Nothing, maybe, just for curiosity, maybe..

Well, I’ll tell you the differences. Just for fun of course.

“Detritivores are decomposers. According to the ‘real’ knowledge, decomposers consist of detritivores and saprophytes. Saprophytes are what we usually consider when talking about decomposers but technically speaking, that is not specific to them only.

Detritivores are animal that consume that detritus but unlike saprophytes, they cannot decompose cellulose (like most animals). They are forced to excrete anything they cannot digest.

Saprophytes, on the other hand, are basically microbes such as bacteria that digest detritus completely (including cellulose). They usually do this by extracellular digestion.

In the soil, both of these work hand in hand. After the detrivores excrete the waste materials, the saprophytes decompose them further. The detrivores have helped in breaking down most of the detritus into smaller pieces, increasing the surface area for the bacteria to act on.”

(taken from a ‘chat’ in thestudentroom.co.uk)


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