| Crinum pedunculatum |

22 Jun

Crinum pedunculatum also known as the Swamp Lily, River Lily or Mangrove Lily, is a bulbous perennial found in stream and tidal areas of the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia as well as New Guinea and some tropical Asian and Pacific islands.

C. pedunculatum is considered by some sources to be a synonym of Crinum asiaticum var. pedunculatum.The differences between C. asiaticum and C. pedunculatum are subtle. The latter tends to be somewhat smaller, but has broader petals, giving it a less fragile appearance.

It is a very large bulbous perennial plant, up to 2 to 3 metres tall, with a spread of up to 3 metres. It likes either full sun or partial shade. It is usually found on the edge of forests, but also at the high tide level close to mangroves.

The white, fragrant flowers are in a cluster with 10 to 100 flowers on an umbel.

(Sumber: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crinum_pedunculatum)


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